Saturday, June 11, 2005

Just like I lemming, I had to follow the crowd.....

100 brutally honest things about me.

1. I was born in New Orleans, LA.
2. My house was over 150 years old.
3. It has ghosts.
4. I’ve seen ghosts here and when I lived in Slidell, LA.
5. I’ve always wanted to be a mom.
6. I used to want 8 kids.
7. All boys.
8. I changed my mind after I had one girl.
9. I vomited almost every day of my pregnancy.
10. I am a single parent.
11. I like the color blue.
12. I also like purple and green but not together.
13. I collect too much crap.
14. I come by that honestly, my parents do too.
15. I like to laugh.
16. I like to daydream.
17. I used to go out all the time.
18. Now I don't want to leave home.
19. I like to do crossword puzzles.
20. I also like to do jigsaw puzzles but my daughter is way too active to have a puzzle spread out.
21. I love to read.
22. I read the newspaper every day, including the obits and op ed columns.
23. I have a dirty mind.
24. I don't like scary or gory movies.
25. I want someone to hold my feet when I am scared.
26. I am often too honest for my own good.
27. I let my mouth get me in trouble.
28. I am learning to keep my mouth shut.
29. I don’t usually like being outdoors.
30. I have very fair skin.
31. I had my first surgery for skin cancer at age 10.
32. I usually wear Birkenstocks.
33. I prefer to wear skirts.
34. I never go out without wearing mascara.
35. I dye my eyebrows dark blonde so that you can actually see them.
36. I am not easily impressed.
37. I have cruel streak.
38. I hate stupidity.
39. I sleep with lots and lots of pillows.
40. I let my dog lick my plate after I’ve eaten dinner.
41. I hate to be hot and sweaty.
42. I’m less afraid of the consequences of my actions than I am of not acting at all.
43. I have been screwed by people I’ve loved and trusted.
44. I believe in karma.
45. I have family members that I hope to never see again.
46. I believe in reincarnation.
47. I don't usually care what others believe as long as they don’t try to convert me.
48. I believe in the death penalty.
49. I think abortion should remain legal.
50. I love my cat
51. I love my dog even more.
52. I don't like pantyhose.
53. I like going to garage sales.
54. I am beginning to enjoy gardening.
55. I have been working on my family tree for about 4 years now.
56. I like to eat chicken salad on a bagel.
57. I dip plain potato chips in ketchup.
58. I used to drink Diet Dr. Pepper like it was water, until the Hurricane. I haven't had one since.
59. Plain Hershey’s chocolate bars give me diarrhea.
60. Hershey bars with almonds do not.
61. I used to dream of getting married.
62. I know that if I had married I’d be divorced by now.
63. I used to go barefoot all of the time.
64. I hate going barefoot now.
65. I used to go to science fiction conventions.
66. I never was really into science fiction.
67. I just liked to go to the parties.
68. And meet the guests.
69. I am an excellent driver.
70. I have absolutely no patience with idiot drivers.
71. I don’t like sushi.
72. If I’m going to eat rice, I want it with gravy.
73. In my dreams I am slim.
74. And tanned.
75. I realize that I will always be fat and pale.
76. I have long hair.
77. I hate doing anything with it.
78. I have never lived by myself.
79. My dream of having my own bathroom has finally come true.
80. It used to be 40 steps from my bed to the toilet. One Way. Now it takes 4 steps.
81. I make at least 3 round trips to the bathroom every night.
82. I can fall asleep anywhere.
83. I fell asleep having major dental work.
84. I am one of the best moms I know.
85. I believe that my life lesson is "patience."
86. I’ve been taking care of children since I was 12 years old.
87. I make sure to tell my daughter just how much I love her EVERY SINGLE DAY.
88. I try not to think about the future.
89. I don’t put up with too much b.s.
90. I am not afraid of causing a scene.
91. I am a good person.
92. I like who I am.
93. Generally speaking.
94. I have a thing for men in uniform
95. I am a practical person.
96. I would prefer to be more optimistic but that’s not realistic.
97. I have a habit of saying “I told you so.”
98. Because I am usually correct.
99. I am good at trivia games.
100. I know a little bit about a lot of things.

So now you know a lot of little things about me. Funny, at first I didn't think I could even get to 100, but there's so much more I could have said. Ah well, fodder for another post.


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