Saturday, December 24, 2005

Was Da Night After Katrina

Was da night after Katrina....
When down on Canal St. the looters dey came
Da po-lice had seen dem and called dem by name
STOP! Melvin, Shaneekwa, Chantel and Joe Brown
Leroy and Rickita, put dem shoes down.

Da baskets dey loaded as fast as dey could
While big screens was rollin on back to da hood
Shoes, electronics, fur coats and rings.
All de essential survival tings.

From de east and de west da levees seperated
An da peoples had wished dey evacuated.
Da water poured in like Dixie beer foam
And da hood emptied in to da Superdome.

Dey crapped an dey pillaged an da Dome went to hell
It'll take 10 years to get rid of da smell.
But it's not like cleaning da Dome affects us
Since dem Saints is gone to San Antonio, Texas.

Soon after Aaron Broussard clearly started to drink
An Kathleen Blanco needed her time to think,
Da forces finally came to help out da cops
Wit dere M-16's up on da roof tops.

Dey were poppin da ganstas like da hooka's pop gum
An tossin dem into the river like chum.
St. Gabriel was not dere eternal slumber.
An dey never made da body count number.

No longer to walk among civilization,
Dey now a part of coastal restoration.
So when ya open up oysters, instead of pearls
You'll find little gold teeth and black Geri curls.

An da ones dat was bussed to other states
An places where da Red Cross facilitates
Are waitin around for dere FEMA checks
An demandin everyting else dey expects.

You can call em moochas.
You can call dem no good.
But dey ain't comin back to your neighborhood.
To all you evacuees and your plight
Hope you like TEXAS...

An to all a good night!

found in several places on the web - author unknown


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