Sunday, September 18, 2005

Home Sweet Home.... not so sweet anymore

I'm trying to make arrangements to get from Houston to New Orleans within the next few days. My car apparently is still safe and sound and I want to pick it up ASAP before something actually does happen to it. Being downtown and all. And we desperately need a reliable vehicle here.

I also want to try to go to my house and get a few things, if I can. Stuff we can really use and stuff that I can't afford to replace right now.

And I'm incredibly nervous.

Yes, we lived in a dangerous area. Yes, there was a high crime rate with frequent drive-by shootings and drug deals gone bad. Right on our corner even. But I wasn't really scared. I was never afraid to be in MY city. MY home.

I am now.

While we sat in the house for that week with all the chaos occuring around the area, we felt relatively safe where we were. Completely surrounded by water. Our own moat. And we were high up in our castle.

Since we only had a small radio receiving one station, we had limited information and didn't see the pictures of what had been happening. We didn't hear the reports that the rest of the world was privy to. We really didn't know what was happening in the world outside of our fortress.

Since we left, I have pretty much avoided all reports about the Hurricane. And its aftermath. I can't stomach it. I have too much to cry about already, for us and for my loved ones.

My friend C tells me to prepare myself for the sights I will see and the changes wrought by Katrina. I'm not ready. I don't want to go back. For the first time in my life, I'm afraid to go home.

Wish me luck on my latest adventure. At least this time, I'm taking a change of clothes.


  • At 7:00 PM, Blogger rpm said…

    Good luck and I'll be checking back to see what you post.

    When I got back home after Hurricane Ivan, it was shocking to see what had happened here, and it's been slow-going getting homes built back. But I cannot imagine what New Orleans looks like.

    My sister and I always go and stay at the Place D'Armes in December every year and go out to eat and shopping and all the fun stuff. We have reservations for December and I'm waiting to see how things are in the area before we make a decision on whether we should keep our plans to go there.


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