Saturday, May 14, 2005

A Rose by Any Other Name.....

For lunch today, I ate a small but spectacular tasting salad. MMMMMMMMMM it was soooooo goooood. I crave these salads. Chocked full of pungent and flavory ingredients.

Pungent = strong smelling. Like onions and garlic and tuna and wine vinegar. Eaten separately, each is odiforous enough that your breath could kill a maggot on a gut wagon..... together, well I can only imagine.

So, after lunch we're driving and I quietly belch. Yes, I know, usually they are within window shattering decibel range, but today I delivered a SBD (silent but deadly) belch. And honestly, it still tasted pretty good.

Well, with the a/c blowing hard into the back seat, it wasn't long at all before the smell drifted into the back. ~K~, who has various sensory sensitivities, including scent, sniffs the air. "I'm smell food. MMMMMMM. Something good."

~K~ has never purposely eaten an onion or tuna or vinegrette dressing in her life. She picks all visible seasonings out of her food. She complains if she even thinks you are going to add seasoning to her food. She complains when we just look at onions in the grocery store. And if what you are serving has a strong odor - just forget it.

~K~ said it smelled good.


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