Friday, May 13, 2005

Where Did You Come From Baby Dear?

So, we live in the South although we don't have the typical Southern accent. Because we live in a very unique Southern area many of our residents speak as if they've lived their entire lives in and around New York City. Our pronunciation, however, is all on its own. We can mangle the English language like no one else. Just ax us about wrenching dishes in the zink, berling erl, or other forms of yat speak.

Anyhoo, we also have terminology that many other places do not. You can read all about stuff like that on those lists "You know you're a (city resident) when....".

On many of the lists, they include the word used to describe carbonated drinks as a cultural indicator. In some Northern places, they call it "pop", in others, "soda" and as you move closer to my home, even "cola". Terms, none of which, I have ever uttered in my entire life. Except to make fun of Yankee tourists.

Many locals call everything carbonated, "coke". As in "what kind of coke do you want?" "I'll have a Pepsi."

I'm a New Orleanian, born, and lived, south of I-10 my entire life. Within my circle, we usually refer to these types of refreshments as "soft drinks".

And here, in the heart of the city, where cultures mesh, here, a cola is referred to as a "cold drink" (pronounced "cole drank") and as in "Do you want a hot cold drink or a cold cold drink?" One choice requires the addition of ice cubes. I'm sure you can figure out which.

But I digress.

Today, I took ~K~ to get a quick burger at a place that offers alternatives to the usual kids' meal crap. I asked if she'd like to have an apple juice for a drink. Imagine my shock when she said "No thanks, I'll have a soda."

A soda?


My darlin', Southern, stars and bars wavin' daughter asked for a friggin' "Soda." I guess I should be grateful she didn't add the word "pop".


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