Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Death and the not so average 10 year old

So our last hermit crab died. Thank bald headed christ. I've spent well over $200 on the whole set up and am glad to see it come to an end. NO, I will not buy another. That one would probably live forever.

(Been there, done that with the fish tank and now, $1000.00 - yes that's ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS - later, we have the crazy shark that can not, will not die! I should know, I've been trying to help him along for the last 5 years.)

Back to the crab.

~K~ showed absolutely no interest in this one except to occasionally put it in the hamster ball and shove it across the floor. (Hamster balls are used to give hermit crabs exercise - they are supposed to walk inside, not be rolled as if in a bowling alley, how this one survived this long surprises me).

From all I read, this crab was fairly old - a pretty good size (smaller than the other one that died last year - he was HUGE... I had to special order shells for him). He hasn't been overly active lately, having hibernated, of sorts, (our house is COLD) over the winter.

Anyway, he hadn't moved in a few days, so I picked him up the other evening and sniffed. P - U. I know what that smell means. We've done this twice before. I put him in a large matchbox and broke the sad news to ~K~.

"~K~, I have some bad news", I said, "I'm very sorry to tell you but the hermit crab is dead."

~K~ broke into tears and says,"We'll have to bury him like the other time and have a funeral."

As it was dark out, I placed the box into the freezer to keep until the morning. And promptly forgot all about him until today. A little while ago, I went into ~K~'s room to remind her about the crab.

"We need to bury him soon or I can just put him in the garbage." I'm not overly sympathetic, I know. But please notice that I did not say 'throw him away' or indicate in any form, any activity that may be construed as completely disrespecful. After all, we regularly eat seafood. Including crab cousins to our dearly departed.

~K~'s face showed all the emotion that death would cause in a ten year old. She turns to me and cries, "NO - WE HAVE TO BURY HIM!!!!!" And as she turns back to her pokemon game, she adds, "You can do it without me."


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