Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Nuptials - why isn't it pronounced like it is spelled?

It's not like they've been Bridezilla's or anything......

A good friend of mine was married Monday afternoon and while I love her to death, I was most grateful that I was not a member of the wedding party. I had previously announced, some time back, that I was out of the wedding business (as there was never a more devoted bridesmaid than I - sacrificing my own happiness for the sake of the brides as well as trying to convince them NOT to get married in the first place.....)

"Please," I told my friends, "if you love me you will NOT ask me to stand in your weddings. I can't take it anymore."

In fact, the last time I was in a wedding, I begged the bride-to-be to keep things VERY small (like one bridesmaid and groomsman) or better yet to elope and eliminate the wedding party altogether. She didn't. And once again I was cast in the role of maid of honor, a job I take very seriously. Or did until that point.

Oh yes, I still went broke with the dress and the shoes and accoutrements and such and even organized a bachelorette party as well as catering to every (practically) whim of the bride. However, that time I decided to have some fun myself. I planned multiple practical jokes for the bride, (nothing humiliating but I'll save the details for another post) some involving almost all of the wedding guests themselves and a grand time was had by all.

But here, seven years later, I didn't have the time, budget or energy to deal with the whoop-de-do planning and coordinating a wedding entails - even a small one. So with ~K~ was the flower girl, I felt I was contributing my share to the eternal wedded bliss of the happy couple.

Actually, I even recall telling the bride "NO, I cannot" on several occasions. Something that, in the past, would have caused me to feel incredibly guilty. But I was quite pleased to sit in the background through the wedding and reception chatting and snacking and enjoying watching others hustle and bustle. I'm mastering the art of "out of sight, out of mind", keeping on the other side of the room, for the most part, of my dear friend, the bride.

I do love her, really. Although I do feel kind of bad telling the groom "She's all yours now". Is this what's the parents feel?


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