Monday, August 14, 2006

Destiny, Fate, Karma, Luck?

We went to a Chinese buffet for dinner the other night and this was my fortune:

Better face danger than be always in fear.

Funny, how sometimes these prophecies truly do echo one's personal platitudes. For instance, I tend to be rather confrontational. To put it mildly. But I prefer to get things out in the open. Face the monster. Whether to eat or be eaten is not the point. But action, execution, performance, to do something is far far better - for me - than to sit and wait and worry about it.

I'm not too terribly patient. I want to have it over and done with. Especially if it is something unpleasant or if the outcome will not be in my favor. I am fond of spouting, "I'd rather regret having done something than having done nothing at all."

One of the other things I'm always saying is, "In for a penny, in for a pound" as I figure why just get your toes wet? Jump in with both feet and tackle it quickly and completely. This statement is often followed by "Que SerĂ¡, SerĂ¡." Whatever will be, will be!

And even this one "I'd rather be in the parade than sitting on the sidelines watching it pass me by."

All of which involves taking the bull by the horns and forcefully attacking a difficult situation. Hopefully, with an air of confidence that belies my inner turmoil. Sometimes I may hesitate. You know, "Haste not, lest ye be.... " well anyway, you get my drift.

The whole point is, maybe it's coincidence but I believe there's no such thing. Everything is happening as it is supposed to. But sometimes it takes confirmation from a fortune cookie to make it feel allright.


  • At 5:03 PM, Blogger Chris said…

    Nice entry. There is a guy named Andy Andrews (motivational speaker type) who does a thing on the 7 Decisions. One of them is the active decisions and he explains how everything you do matters. He points out that not taking action is a decision too, usually with bad results.

    My Blog


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