Monday, July 31, 2006

I almost said "No" too quickly.....

Session Start (q_kathleen:solomon_gutts2000): Thu Jul 27 17:26:06 2006
[17:26] solomon_gutts2000: DING
[17:26] solomon_gutts2000: hello
[17:26] solomon_gutts2000: how are u doing today .........?
[17:26] q_kathleen: Hello, how are you?
[17:26] solomon_gutts2000: i am cool
[17:26] solomon_gutts2000: i am solomon
[17:26] q_kathleen: Good to hear.... you don't have much info on your profile.
[17:27] q_kathleen: Why haven't you filled it out?
[17:27] solomon_gutts2000: yes
[17:28] solomon_gutts2000: but i fill like making it like that
[17:28] solomon_gutts2000: i am from Usa
[17:28] solomon_gutts2000: california
[17:28] q_kathleen: Are you originally from another country?
[17:29] solomon_gutts2000: no
[17:29] solomon_gutts2000: i am from Usa
[17:29] solomon_gutts2000: and u ?
[17:29] q_kathleen: See, usually Americans don't say they are "from USa", usually, they just name the part of the country, like city and state.
[17:30] solomon_gutts2000: i c
[17:30] solomon_gutts2000: where are u originally from ?
[17:30] q_kathleen: It's all on my profile
[17:30] q_kathleen: I've filled it out for your convenience.
[17:31] solomon_gutts2000: okay good
[17:32] solomon_gutts2000: i c
[17:32] q_kathleen: What do you see?
[17:34] solomon_gutts2000: i can't see anything
[17:34] solomon_gutts2000: pls telll me here okay
[17:35] q_kathleen: You wrote "I c". what did you mean by that?
[17:35] solomon_gutts2000: when i ask and u too will ask me
[17:36] q_kathleen: See, right there. that doesn't make sense. so I know now that English is not your first language.
[17:37] q_kathleen: You really need to be honest about stuff like that
[17:46] q_kathleen: So that's it? You don't want to chat?
[17:54] solomon_gutts2000: hello
[17:55] q_kathleen: Still here.
[17:55] solomon_gutts2000: i am sorry my system is very slow and it got off
[17:55] solomon_gutts2000: okay i am so sorry
[17:55] solomon_gutts2000: DING
[17:56] q_kathleen: That's ok.
[17:56] solomon_gutts2000: okay
[17:56] solomon_gutts2000: i can't open your profile
[17:56] solomon_gutts2000: what your full name
[17:57] q_kathleen: profiles.address
[17:57] solomon_gutts2000: i have just done so but it not opening
[17:58] q_kathleen: However you have to be over 18 to open it, are you?
[17:58] solomon_gutts2000: pls tell me here okay
[17:58] solomon_gutts2000: yes
[17:59] solomon_gutts2000: DING
[17:59] solomon_gutts2000: are u there ?
[17:59] q_kathleen: No, sorry, I don't do descriptions or anything like that.
[18:00] solomon_gutts2000: i c
[18:00] solomon_gutts2000: so u can tell me your name
[18:00] solomon_gutts2000: where u from
[18:00] solomon_gutts2000: age
[18:01] q_kathleen: You know, I find it strange that you would contact someone and not have checked their profile first... where did you find me on line?
[18:01] solomon_gutts2000: i have check it but i have to fine out first okay
[18:02] q_kathleen: Be honest, what is your nationality?
[18:03] solomon_gutts2000: and u are asking me now
[18:04] solomon_gutts2000: when i am asking u u did not asnwer me
[18:04] solomon_gutts2000: if u want a good conversation u will ask quesion and u answer it
[18:06] q_kathleen: See, but you contacted me first.... It is then your responsibility to converse in an interesting manner and direct the course of the chat. However, I have not found you to be completely honest and really don't like to answer questions that are all on my profile. Your profile has nothing on it. You know more about me than I know about you at this point.
[18:07] solomon_gutts2000: okay
[18:07] solomon_gutts2000: i am solomon
[18:07] solomon_gutts2000: from california
[18:07] solomon_gutts2000: fresno
[18:07] solomon_gutts2000: single
[18:08] q_kathleen: So why not put all of that on your profile?
[18:10] solomon_gutts2000: it is very diffficult for me to do that bicos when ever i does it it will wrap off agin
[18:11] q_kathleen: Why is that I wonder?
[18:13] q_kathleen: oops, sorry, my dinner is burning. have to run.

[18:13] solomon_gutts2000: why
[18:13] q_kathleen: my dinner is burning
[18:14] solomon_gutts2000: okay
[18:14] *** Auto-response sent to solomon_gutts2000: I am currently away from the computer.

[18:15] solomon_gutts2000: i should wait for u right
[18:17] solomon_gutts2000: DING
Session Close (solomon_gutts2000): Thu Jul 27 18:34:42 2006

BLAH BLAH BLAH... and then later....
Session Start (q_kathleen:solomon_gutts2000): Thu Jul 27 21:58:11 2006
[21:58] solomon_gutts2000: DING
[21:58] solomon_gutts2000: hello
[21:58] solomon_gutts2000: how are u ...............
[21:58] q_kathleen: Hello again.
[21:59] solomon_gutts2000: hi
[21:59] solomon_gutts2000: where have u been
[22:00] solomon_gutts2000: since
[22:00] q_kathleen: Just doing regular things.... what do you do when you are not on line?
[22:02] solomon_gutts2000: maybe just working from work,eating or orderthings
[22:03] q_kathleen: I almost always have the computer on, but I don't spend every minute on it... .I do have a life away from the internet :)
[22:04] solomon_gutts2000: i c
[22:04] solomon_gutts2000: that cool
[22:05] solomon_gutts2000: DING
[22:06] solomon_gutts2000: what have u been doing ?
[22:06] q_kathleen: You just asked me that.... remember
[22:06] solomon_gutts2000: okay
[22:07] solomon_gutts2000: i will love to see your pics
[22:07] solomon_gutts2000: or do u have cam
[22:07] q_kathleen: What type of program do you use to chat? **hoo messenger?
[22:07] solomon_gutts2000: yes
[22:07] q_kathleen: Just trying to figure out why you cannot see my profile.
[22:08] solomon_gutts2000: yes
[22:08] solomon_gutts2000: i ahve been trying since but it not through
[22:08] q_kathleen: What type of browser do you use?
[22:09] q_kathleen: Internet explorer?
[22:11] solomon_gutts2000: Mozilla fire fox
[22:11] solomon_gutts2000: and i do use internet explore sometime
[22:11] q_kathleen: Then I don't understand why you can't see my profile, unless of course, you are under the age of 18.
[22:12] solomon_gutts2000: i am 45
[22:12] solomon_gutts2000: my kid is alway 18
[22:13] q_kathleen: Your kid is alway 18? What does that mean?
[22:14] solomon_gutts2000: then I don't understand why you can't see my profile, unless of course, you are under the age of 18
[22:15] q_kathleen: Yes, I wrote that.. you wrote "My kid is alway 18" which does not mean anything that makes sense to me.
[22:15] q_kathleen: alway 18.... that is not proper grammar, I have NO earthly clue what that means.
[22:15] solomon_gutts2000: forget that okay
[22:15] solomon_gutts2000: talk about something else
[22:15] q_kathleen: Really, I asked before, and I'll ask again... is English your first language?
[22:16] solomon_gutts2000: no
[22:16] q_kathleen: What language do you speak?
[22:17] solomon_gutts2000: italy
[22:17] q_kathleen: So, do you really live in California?
[22:18] solomon_gutts2000: yes
[22:18] q_kathleen: How long have you lived in the US?
[22:18] q_kathleen: and Italy is a country, Italian is the language.
[22:19] solomon_gutts2000: six years
[22:19] q_kathleen: Why did you move here?
[22:20] solomon_gutts2000: i love US SO MUCH AND U LOVE TO STALL THERE
[22:21] q_kathleen: to stall there? What does that mean?
[22:21] solomon_gutts2000: here
[22:21] solomon_gutts2000: \sorry for that okay
[22:22] q_kathleen: to stall... not sure what you mean by that.
[22:22] solomon_gutts2000: to stall here in USA
[22:23] q_kathleen: stall.... I'm not sure if you are using the right word.... I don't know what you mean when you use it.
[22:24] solomon_gutts2000: forget that okay
[22:24] q_kathleen: ok
[22:25] solomon_gutts2000: good
[22:25] solomon_gutts2000: do u see my pic
[22:26] q_kathleen: No - I don't have the picture turned on... I don't care what people look like, it's what they have to say that is important.
[22:27] solomon_gutts2000: i c
[22:27] solomon_gutts2000: taht cool
[22:27] q_kathleen: :)
[22:28] solomon_gutts2000: that cool
Session Close (solomon_gutts2000): Thu Jul 27 22:57:21 2006

Session Start (q_kathleen:solomon_gutts2000): Sun Jul 30 16:04:59 2006
[16:04] solomon_gutts2000: DING
[16:05] solomon_gutts2000: hello
[16:05] q_kathleen: Hi, how are you today?
[16:05] solomon_gutts2000: i am cool babe
[16:05] q_kathleen: Good
[16:06] solomon_gutts2000: how is work?
[16:06] q_kathleen: I work only part time so I haven't been in several days.
[16:07] solomon_gutts2000: okay
[16:07] solomon_gutts2000: i am sorry to ask u
[16:07] q_kathleen: Why sorry?
[16:07] solomon_gutts2000: what do u do for living?
[16:07] q_kathleen: I do as little as I can possibly get away with. :)
[16:08] solomon_gutts2000: self employed?
[16:09] q_kathleen: Sometimes, and pretty much for the past 12 years.
[16:09] solomon_gutts2000: i how much dou get every week
[16:09] solomon_gutts2000: as your payment
[16:10] q_kathleen: That's a pretty personal question.
[16:10] solomon_gutts2000: hmmmm
[16:11] solomon_gutts2000: so u can't tell me
[16:12] q_kathleen: No, I won't tell you.... that's different, do you usually go around asking people how much they get paid for what they do?
[16:13] solomon_gutts2000: no i just fill like asking that all
[16:13] q_kathleen: Culturally, in the US, that's considered a rude question. It's also impolite to ask a woman's age or weight....
[16:14] q_kathleen: Many businesses also have rules where employees are not allowed to discuss salaries.
[16:14] solomon_gutts2000: okay cool
Session Close (solomon_gutts2000): Sun Jul 30 16:42:11 2006

Session Start (q_kathleen:solomon_gutts2000): Mon Jul 31 15:28:06 2006
[15:28] solomon_gutts2000: DING
[15:28] solomon_gutts2000: hello
[15:29] solomon_gutts2000: DING
[15:29] q_kathleen: hi
[15:30] solomon_gutts2000: i am cool
[15:30] solomon_gutts2000: ]and u?
[15:30] q_kathleen: pretty good, thanks
[15:31] solomon_gutts2000: okay
[15:38] solomon_gutts2000: DING
[15:38] q_kathleen: yes?
[15:39] solomon_gutts2000: okay i want to tell u that i am presently in africa now
[15:39] solomon_gutts2000: with my kid
[15:40] q_kathleen: So why did you tell me that you live in california?
[15:40] solomon_gutts2000: yes
[15:40] solomon_gutts2000: i just get there yesterday
[15:40] q_kathleen: Pretty convenient if you ask me.
[15:41] solomon_gutts2000: i am here for business
[15:41] solomon_gutts2000: do u understand that now
[15:42] q_kathleen: No, I pretty much have a hard time believing most of what people tell me on line.
[15:43] solomon_gutts2000: yes i know that much
[15:43] solomon_gutts2000: but i am not that type
[15:43] solomon_gutts2000: okay
[15:43] solomon_gutts2000: i am there for business okay
[15:44] q_kathleen: Everyone says they are a nice guy and always tell the truth... but it really doesn't matter to me. It's ok if you travel for business or for pleasure. You have that right.
[15:45] solomon_gutts2000: okay good
[15:45] solomon_gutts2000: i just want top tellu that all okay
[15:45] q_kathleen: Why would you think that would matter to me?
[15:45] solomon_gutts2000: just to let u know that all
[15:46] solomon_gutts2000: do u have phone i want to hear your lovly voice
[15:46] q_kathleen: Thank you, I think... No I don't give out my phone number.
[15:47] solomon_gutts2000: i ujust think i should give u a call that all
[15:47] q_kathleen: I don't like talking on the phone to people I do know. I really don't want people I don't know calling me.
[15:48] solomon_gutts2000: that does not matter at all
[15:48] solomon_gutts2000: i will give love to hear your lovly voice
[15:48] q_kathleen: Thank you but no.
[15:49] solomon_gutts2000: okay no problem then
[15:51] solomon_gutts2000: so what are u doing now
[15:51] q_kathleen: Reading various websites. you?
[15:52] solomon_gutts2000: talking to u
[15:53] solomon_gutts2000: i want to introduced u to one business that will bring u a large ampunt of money every week
[15:53] q_kathleen: No thank you.... NO thank you.
[15:54] q_kathleen: I don't give out my phone number, I don't give out my address, I don't give out my last name.
[15:54] q_kathleen: I don't let people borrow my car. I don't loan people money.
[15:55] q_kathleen: I don't want to get married. I don't want to date anyone I meet on line.
[15:55] q_kathleen: I don't believe a word people tell me and if I feel someone is giving me a line of bullshit or scam me in some way, I have no problem reporting them to the proper authorities.
[15:56] q_kathleen: I have had a gun pointed at my head. I have lost people that I have loved. I have been in situations where I thought I was going to die.
[15:57] q_kathleen: I am not easilty impressed or intimidated nor do I give a crap about much. I already have my hands full.
[15:57] q_kathleen: So if you contacted me just to scam me out of some money, please do me the honor of removing my name off of your contact list.... because I ain't biting.
[15:57] solomon_gutts2000: why are u so realistic
[15:58] q_kathleen: Are you serious?
[15:58] q_kathleen: You want to scam me and ask why I'm so realistic?
[15:58] solomon_gutts2000: yes
[15:58] solomon_gutts2000: not to scam okay
[15:59] q_kathleen: You have repeatedly lied to me and ask me why I'm so realistic?
[15:59] solomon_gutts2000: no i ahve not lied to u but telling u the truth okay
[16:01] q_kathleen: Ah but you did lie. I asked you several times the other day if English was your first language. You kept insisting it was and that you were from the US. however you finally admitted (or claimed) that you were Italian.
[16:06] q_kathleen: Hello???
[16:08] solomon_gutts2000: u are talking strange
[16:10] solomon_gutts2000: pls forget it okay
[16:10] solomon_gutts2000: at least u are not interested
[16:11] solomon_gutts2000: if u are interested i will tell u most thing about it okay
[16:11] q_kathleen: Well, now I AM interested in hearing all about your business.
[16:11] solomon_gutts2000: no
[16:11] q_kathleen: You've piqued my curiosity.
[16:11] solomon_gutts2000: forget it okay
[16:12] solomon_gutts2000: i really want to do some things for people
[16:12] solomon_gutts2000: help some people
[16:12] q_kathleen: Are you afraid to tell me about it now?
[16:12] solomon_gutts2000: no
[16:13] q_kathleen: Do you feel it is a waste of time to tell me about your business?
[16:13] solomon_gutts2000: no
[16:13] solomon_gutts2000: i wanted to tell u before
[16:13] q_kathleen: But I just want to hear what it is... I'm still not interested in participating.
[16:14] solomon_gutts2000: i really want to tell u but u said no
[16:14] solomon_gutts2000: so i can't tell u okay
[16:14] q_kathleen: So, then it is illegal.
[16:14] solomon_gutts2000: no it not illegal
[16:15] q_kathleen: So why the secrecy now?
[16:16] solomon_gutts2000: there is no secrecy there but u said no that u are not interested
[16:16] q_kathleen: Not interested in participating, but now I want to know what it is.
[16:16] solomon_gutts2000: it will bring u a larger amount of money every week
[16:16] solomon_gutts2000: this is what u have to say before
[16:17] solomon_gutts2000: but u just said no and NO
[16:17] solomon_gutts2000: that u are not interested in it
[16:18] q_kathleen: If it means that I have to part with any of my hard earned money, you are correct, I am not interested.
[16:18] solomon_gutts2000: okay fine
[16:19] solomon_gutts2000: i am not collecting any money from u
[16:19] solomon_gutts2000: why i am not tell u to pay for anything for me
[16:19] solomon_gutts2000: so i am free
[16:19] solomon_gutts2000: okay
[16:20] q_kathleen: I didn't quite understand what you are saying there.
[16:20] solomon_gutts2000: u said maybe i am taking any money from your little money u earn
[16:20] solomon_gutts2000: but i am not
[16:21] solomon_gutts2000: i really want to let u get more money that is all okay
[16:22] q_kathleen: People just don't give money away.
[16:22] solomon_gutts2000: yes but u have to work for it that all okay
[16:23] solomon_gutts2000: but not much work too
[16:24] solomon_gutts2000: DING
[16:24] solomon_gutts2000: okay
[16:24] q_kathleen: I'm here.
[16:24] solomon_gutts2000: okay
[16:24] solomon_gutts2000: so u get that now
[16:25] q_kathleen: Not really, no. But that's ok. As you said, it's not important.
[16:25] solomon_gutts2000: yes not important okay
[16:26] solomon_gutts2000: so what are u thinking right now
[16:27] solomon_gutts2000: DING
[16:28] q_kathleen: Sorry, phone rang.
[16:28] solomon_gutts2000: okay waitting for u
[16:28] q_kathleen: You are waiting for me to what?
[16:29] solomon_gutts2000: to come back
[16:30] solomon_gutts2000: i though u said your phone is ringing
[16:31] q_kathleen: I did, I answered it already.
[16:31] solomon_gutts2000: okay good
[16:31] solomon_gutts2000: what are u thinking right now about it?
[16:32] q_kathleen: That I have to go pick up my car from the shop before 5pm and I'm waiting for my ride.
[16:32] solomon_gutts2000: so when will u come back?
[16:33] q_kathleen: Don't know really, why?
[16:33] solomon_gutts2000: bicos i still want to talk to u?
[16:33] q_kathleen: About?
[16:34] solomon_gutts2000: are u still interested for the last time
[16:34] q_kathleen: Interested in hearing your business plan? Yes. Interested in parting with any money of my own. No.
[16:35] solomon_gutts2000: okay
[16:35] solomon_gutts2000: will u hear it now
[16:35] q_kathleen: I have about 15 minutes.
[16:35] solomon_gutts2000: okay
[16:37] solomon_gutts2000: my business manager need a very good and hoset people that he will trust
[16:37] solomon_gutts2000: the work is this u will open a account for the company
[16:37] solomon_gutts2000: and will take care of it
[16:38] q_kathleen: Who puts money into the account?
[16:38] solomon_gutts2000: any money that ask been tranfer to it will be in charge of it
[16:38] solomon_gutts2000: the company
[16:38] q_kathleen: Who takes money out of the account?
[16:38] solomon_gutts2000: and u will get 500 every wek
[16:39] solomon_gutts2000: u ?
[16:39] q_kathleen: And who is responsible for any overdrafts?
[16:39] solomon_gutts2000: u of case
[16:40] q_kathleen: And there are actually people who fall for this?
[16:40] solomon_gutts2000: u are the only person that i will be telling this
[16:41] solomon_gutts2000: i don't no any body
[16:41] solomon_gutts2000: but i just think u can do this
[16:41] q_kathleen: You don't talk to anyone else on line?
[16:41] solomon_gutts2000: and get your 500 every week that all
[16:41] q_kathleen: Where does the money come from to open the account?
[16:43] solomon_gutts2000: u will open it with zero account
[16:43] q_kathleen: Banks don't do that.
[16:45] solomon_gutts2000: u will open it with 100 dollars
[16:46] solomon_gutts2000: and u will open it with your name
[16:46] q_kathleen: That's very different from Zero account. And opening an account for the company. That's a personal bank account.... And then I'm supposed to give you the account number?
[16:47] solomon_gutts2000: u will open it with your name
[16:47] q_kathleen: And then give you the account number?
[16:47] solomon_gutts2000: as saving and checking account
[16:47] q_kathleen: Savings and Checking accounts are two seperate types of accounts
[16:48] solomon_gutts2000: u can open it like that
[16:48] solomon_gutts2000: saving and chequeing
[16:48] q_kathleen: And then I give you the account number?
[16:48] solomon_gutts2000: yes
[16:48] solomon_gutts2000: but it will be in your name
[16:48] q_kathleen: And then next week, after you withdraw the money, where does that leave me?
[16:49] q_kathleen: Besides $100 poorer.
[16:49] solomon_gutts2000: u will with draw the money your self okay
[16:49] solomon_gutts2000: yes u can open it online to make it easy
[16:50] q_kathleen: gotta go
[16:50] solomon_gutts2000: so when will u come back
[16:50] solomon_gutts2000: DING

[17:13] solomon_gutts2000: DING
[17:13] *** Auto-response sent to solomon_gutts2000: I am currently away from the computer.
[17:13] solomon_gutts2000: SO WHY ARE U WAY
[17:14] solomon_gutts2000: AWAY
[17:14] solomon_gutts2000: WHERE ARE U NOW
[17:14] solomon_gutts2000: DING

[20:19] solomon_gutts2000: DING
[20:19] solomon_gutts2000: hello
[20:19] q_kathleen: hello
[20:19] solomon_gutts2000: i am here
[20:19] q_kathleen: So I see.
[20:20] solomon_gutts2000: what have u think about tha job
[20:21] q_kathleen: Truthfully, I do not think it is legitimate. I read too many articles about scams on the FTC website and they all seem to resemble your proposition.
[20:22] solomon_gutts2000: i have go throuh all those pdocidor too
[20:22] q_kathleen: ?
[20:22] solomon_gutts2000: but i promise u that there is no any thing like scaming in this
[20:24] q_kathleen: As I understand it, I open a bank account, put money in it and give you the account number. You, a complete stranger with a history of being less than honest with me.
[20:24] solomon_gutts2000: yes that is that i am saying
[20:24] q_kathleen: And I have to trust you not to withdraw all the money?
[20:25] solomon_gutts2000: if u can open it there is no problem abpout it
[20:25] solomon_gutts2000: u will withdwar the money your slf
[20:25] q_kathleen: No problem for you... but lots of problems for me when the overdraft fees start to accumulate.
[20:25] q_kathleen: If I will be withdrawing the money myself, why do I have to give you the account number?
[20:26] solomon_gutts2000: u willopen it with yourname
[20:27] q_kathleen: And why do I have to open a new bank account.... I already have one in my name?
[20:27] solomon_gutts2000: u just have to give me the account number for me to tranfer the in money into it that ll
[20:27] q_kathleen: What kind of fool do you think I am?
[20:28] q_kathleen: Why don't you just mail me the check? I will bring it to my bank. They will make sure it is legitimate. If the check is good, I can then deposit it.
[20:29] solomon_gutts2000: u ahve to open a new bank account
[20:29] q_kathleen: why?
[20:30] solomon_gutts2000: and it has to be one particular account
[20:30] solomon_gutts2000: not any how bank
[20:30] solomon_gutts2000: what is the name of your bank
[20:30] solomon_gutts2000: ?
[20:30] q_kathleen: I use a national bank. What bank do you use?
[20:31] solomon_gutts2000: i c
[20:31] q_kathleen: What do you see?
[20:31] solomon_gutts2000: i use boa
[20:31] q_kathleen: So now, why can't I open an account at a national bank with a local branch?
[20:31] solomon_gutts2000: but will want welsfargo account
[20:33] solomon_gutts2000: DING
[20:33] q_kathleen: I don't use an on line bank
[20:33] solomon_gutts2000: but u can still go there to open it
[20:34] q_kathleen: Not if I have to give you the account number.
[20:35] solomon_gutts2000: u wilkl give me the account number but u are in charge of it
[20:35] q_kathleen: Again, I am not a fool.
[20:35] solomon_gutts2000: account number u give me is what i will use to tranfer the money into it
[20:36] q_kathleen: You can mail me the check or money order. I will then have it authenticated and if valid will then deposit it.
[20:37] solomon_gutts2000: then can u give me your name
[20:37] solomon_gutts2000: address
[20:37] solomon_gutts2000: phone number
[20:37] q_kathleen: I'll get a post office box. You can send it there.
[20:38] q_kathleen: I don't give out my phone number. Why don't you give me your name, address and phone number.
[20:38] solomon_gutts2000: if u need it i will give it to u
[20:38] q_kathleen: When I have your information and it can be validated, then I will tell you who I am.
[20:38] q_kathleen: Of course I have to know who you are.
[20:39] solomon_gutts2000: yes it is very good to know who i am
[20:39] solomon_gutts2000: but it will be better if u open that account
[20:39] q_kathleen: Why do I have to use that bank?
[20:40] solomon_gutts2000: that a very good bank
[20:40] solomon_gutts2000: it is very good
[20:41] solomon_gutts2000: for business owner ans so no
[20:41] solomon_gutts2000: what is why that bank is choiceing
[20:42] q_kathleen: I can see from their website that they have many security measures to protect customers.
[20:42] q_kathleen: But one thing they recommend it to not give out account numbers.
[20:42] solomon_gutts2000: yes
[20:43] solomon_gutts2000: if u don't give me the account number how iwll i send in money to it
[20:43] q_kathleen: Why can't you open the account yourself?
[20:43] solomon_gutts2000: i am not presntly there that is why
[20:43] solomon_gutts2000: i could have been this myself
[20:44] q_kathleen: You don't need to be in the US to open the account. You can access it via the internet just like you are talking to me.
[20:44] solomon_gutts2000: yes
[20:44] solomon_gutts2000: but how will i withdraw the money out
[20:44] solomon_gutts2000: i can't cash it here
[20:45] solomon_gutts2000: that is why we have to look for a honest person that can do that for us
[20:46] q_kathleen: I'm sure they can have a local bank exchange it for your local currency. Banks do that you know.
[20:46] solomon_gutts2000: yes
[20:46] solomon_gutts2000: but u will cash it in dollars out
[20:47] q_kathleen: I mean, when what currency will you be using to deposit it? You want me to mail you US dollars? The US postal service frowns on that.
[20:47] solomon_gutts2000: u won't mail it
[20:48] solomon_gutts2000: u will sent it through western union money via that all
[20:48] q_kathleen: You want a money order?
[20:48] solomon_gutts2000: that is when u cash the money out of the bank
[20:49] q_kathleen: Oh so then how do you cash a Western Union Money order?
[20:49] solomon_gutts2000: that not money order
[20:50] solomon_gutts2000: u will send it in cash
[20:50] q_kathleen: Western Union whatever, at your end, what country's currency will it be in?
[20:51] q_kathleen: When you claim it at the Western Union office?
[20:52] solomon_gutts2000: still in us dollars
[20:52] solomon_gutts2000: immediately u send it
[20:52] solomon_gutts2000: i will go there to cliam it
[20:52] q_kathleen: Why do you need US dollars?
[20:53] solomon_gutts2000: claim it
[20:53] solomon_gutts2000: u know u will send it with us dollars and that is what i will be giving in there office too
[20:53] q_kathleen: Why do you need US dollars?
[20:54] q_kathleen: Why can't you just convert the money at an exchange office or bank?
[20:54] solomon_gutts2000: u are sending us dollars right
[20:54] q_kathleen: Why do you need US dollars?
[20:55] solomon_gutts2000: bicos u will be giving us dollars in the bank
[20:55] q_kathleen: Why can't you just exchange it at the bank?
[20:55] solomon_gutts2000: i will excahnge it that is when i cash the money here
[20:56] q_kathleen: Where are you getting the money to deposit into the bank account?
[20:56] solomon_gutts2000: u will open it with any amount
[20:57] solomon_gutts2000: and money will be wird to it
[20:57] solomon_gutts2000: and u will cash it out your self
[20:57] q_kathleen: Where does that money that you wire come from?
[20:58] solomon_gutts2000: from the company
[20:59] q_kathleen: What company? Why do they need US dollars?
[20:59] solomon_gutts2000: infcat u will talk to the company manager
[20:59] solomon_gutts2000: u are convence
[20:59] q_kathleen: Why didn't you do this when you were in California yesterday?
[21:02] *** You are currently disconnected. Messages will not be received.

Session Start (q_kathleen:solomon_gutts2000): Mon Jul 31 21:21:25 2006
[21:21] solomon_gutts2000: DING
[21:21] solomon_gutts2000: hello
[21:21] q_kathleen: Hello, my computer keeps locking up
[21:22] solomon_gutts2000: i can see that
[21:22] solomon_gutts2000: okay
[21:22] solomon_gutts2000: so what quesion do u have again
[21:22] q_kathleen: Why didn't you open a bank account when you were in the US or was that a lie too?
[21:23] q_kathleen: Helloooo?
[21:23] q_kathleen: The truthful answer shouldn't take this long.
[21:24] solomon_gutts2000: i told u that i was just told this today
[21:24] solomon_gutts2000: to be sincere
[21:25] q_kathleen: No you didn't say that before.
[21:25] solomon_gutts2000: DING
[21:25] q_kathleen: Why do you keep doing that?
[21:28] q_kathleen: Helloooo?
[21:30] solomon_gutts2000: i told u this before
[21:30] solomon_gutts2000: what
[21:30] solomon_gutts2000: ?
[21:30] solomon_gutts2000: DING
[21:30] solomon_gutts2000: DING
[21:30] solomon_gutts2000: i am here
[21:30] solomon_gutts2000: waitting for u to reply
[21:30] solomon_gutts2000: DING
[21:30] solomon_gutts2000: DING
[21:30] solomon_gutts2000: are u there.........???
[21:30] q_kathleen: No, you didn't say that before. I read the whole conversation, it's not there that you were just told that today.
[21:31] solomon_gutts2000: yes
[21:31] solomon_gutts2000: that is what i said
[21:31] solomon_gutts2000: i told u that i was just told today
[21:31] solomon_gutts2000: that is what i said
[21:33] q_kathleen: NO, you didn't say it. I reread our conversation from earlier and you didn't say any such thing.
[21:34] solomon_gutts2000: okay what did i said
[21:34] solomon_gutts2000: prove it
[21:34] q_kathleen: Are you aware that the chat programs save a log of the entire conversation on your computer?
[21:34] q_kathleen: I can pull up any conversation that I have because the program keeps a log of it.
[21:35] solomon_gutts2000: pls bring it out
[21:35] q_kathleen: I don't need to prove it to you, I can read it. If you have the knowledge, you can read it too.
[21:35] q_kathleen: Oh, honey, don't worry. It will be posted on my blog tomorrow.
[21:35] solomon_gutts2000: i said that i was just told this today
[21:36] solomon_gutts2000: pls understand me
[21:36] q_kathleen: No, you just said that during this conversation. You claim you told me earlier. That is a lie.
[21:38] solomon_gutts2000: wait what will be place on my blog tommorow
[21:39] q_kathleen: Our interesting conversation.
[21:39] solomon_gutts2000: so what are u willing to do now
[21:39] q_kathleen: Nothing.
[21:40] q_kathleen: I told you before, I am not a fool.
[21:42] *** You are currently disconnected. Messages will not be received.

Session Start (q_kathleen:solomon_gutts2000): Mon Jul 31 22:18:08 2006
[22:18] solomon_gutts2000: hello,how are u doing today.........? i really missed talking to u [Offline Message (Mon Jul 31 21:57:10 2006)]


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