Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Maybe I'm Too Harsh......

Warning, Profanity ahead.

Session Start: Tue Jul 11 16:40:10 2006
[16:40] im_meroo77: hi
[16:40] q_kathleen: Hello to you.
[16:40] im_meroo77: are you fine
[16:40] q_kathleen: Where are you from?
[16:41] im_meroo77: im from london
[16:41] im_meroo77: u
[16:41] q_kathleen: All of my information is on my profile.
[16:41] im_meroo77: im m
[16:41] im_meroo77: names donald
[16:41] q_kathleen: Nice to meet you Donald.
[16:42] q_kathleen: Why haven't you filled out your **hoo profile?
[16:42] im_meroo77: can you my friend me
[16:42] q_kathleen: What is that?
[16:42] im_meroo77: haw old are you
[16:42] im_meroo77: DING
[16:42] q_kathleen: Did you not look at my profile?
[16:43] im_meroo77: i see profile
[16:43] im_meroo77: invite me cam ok
[16:43] q_kathleen: No thanks.
[16:43] im_meroo77: why
[16:43] q_kathleen: I have no desire to see anything.
[16:44] im_meroo77: see pic
[16:44] q_kathleen: I don't need to, it's not important to me.
[16:44] im_meroo77: why
[16:45] q_kathleen: Because I have no desire to look at strange naked men, what people have to say is much more important than what they look like.
[16:45] im_meroo77: do you like sexy
[16:45] q_kathleen: What other languages do you speak?
[16:45] im_meroo77: english
[16:46] q_kathleen: That's it?
[16:46] im_meroo77: ok
[16:46] q_kathleen: See, if you really spoke English as your first and only language, I would hope that you would do a much better job of it.
[16:47] im_meroo77: fuck your assholl
[16:47] im_meroo77: ok
[16:47] q_kathleen: No thanks.. not today.
[16:47] q_kathleen: And you couldn't even get that right.
[16:47] q_kathleen: It's fuck YOU AssholE.
[16:47] im_meroo77: ok nice
[16:47] im_meroo77: you like fucken
[16:47] q_kathleen: No R in you and not two l's in asshole.
[16:48] q_kathleen: It's spelled FUCKING not fucken.
[16:48] q_kathleen: How old are you anyway?
[16:48] im_meroo77: ok
[16:48] im_meroo77: FUCKING your ass ok
[16:49] im_meroo77: see your pussy on pic
[16:49] q_kathleen: Oh, I see now... sorry, your poor English to start led me to misunderstand. You want to fuck my ass. Well, so very sorry. I only let people with a smidgen more intelligence do that.
[16:49] im_meroo77: ok
[16:49] q_kathleen: Do you get a lot of dates this way?
[16:51] q_kathleen: Hellooooo
[16:51] q_kathleen: Donald? are you still there?
[16:51] im_meroo77: yes
[16:52] im_meroo77: can you talk all clothes
[16:52] q_kathleen: See, once again, this language barrier is causing problems. You were not truthful when you said you spoke only English.....
[16:52] im_meroo77: do you have a big asshoole
[16:53] q_kathleen: Of course, I can talk all clothes... I like to shop for clothes whenever possible, what part of fashion design would you like to discuss?
[16:53] q_kathleen: But no asshole bigger than you, I afraid.
[16:53] im_meroo77: ok
[16:54] q_kathleen: Notice the proper spelling (again) is ASSHOLE. not ASSHOOLE
[16:54] im_meroo77: and pussy big
[16:54] q_kathleen: How did you know I have a cat? and a dog. We used to have some fish but they all died.
[16:54] q_kathleen: Where are you really from Donald?
[16:55] im_meroo77: london
[16:55] im_meroo77: really
[16:55] q_kathleen: Did you ever go to school?
[16:55] im_meroo77: no
[16:55] im_meroo77: im soory
[16:55] q_kathleen: Why not?
[16:55] q_kathleen: One o in sorry.
[16:55] q_kathleen: Two r's.
[16:56] im_meroo77: 38
[16:56] im_meroo77: u
[16:56] q_kathleen: You are 38 and NEVER went to school?
[16:56] im_meroo77: invite me cam plaese
[16:56] q_kathleen: No thank you.
[16:56] im_meroo77: im farmer
[16:56] q_kathleen: A farmer with a computer in the middle of London?
[16:56] q_kathleen: I don't believe it!
[16:56] im_meroo77: you in home now
[16:57] q_kathleen: Yes, I'm in my home.
[16:57] q_kathleen: Do you normally talk this way.. all the "fucks" and "assholes" with strangers on line?
[16:58] q_kathleen: Would you speak to your mother or sister this way?
[16:58] im_meroo77: ok description body all plasese
[16:58] q_kathleen: How would you feel if someone contacted your mom or sister and behaved as you have?
[16:59] q_kathleen: You probably are naked - you should be embarrassed to write messages and behave this way.
[16:59] im_meroo77: ok
[16:59] im_meroo77: you like sex
[16:59] im_meroo77: or no
[16:59] q_kathleen: Does your mother like sex?
[16:59] im_meroo77: go hell ok
[17:00] q_kathleen: I believe that you will be there before me.... save me a seat, ok?
[17:00] im_meroo77: ok
[17:00] q_kathleen: And it's "go TO hell"
[17:00] im_meroo77: mobail give
[17:00] q_kathleen: ???
[17:00] im_meroo77: ok me too go hell
[17:00] q_kathleen: Yes, you probably will.
[17:01] q_kathleen: And again.. TO.. go TO hell.
[17:01] im_meroo77: can you opean your pic
[17:02] q_kathleen: Not for you, you haven't been very nice... especially since you told me to "go hell". Why should I do anything for you?
[17:02] im_meroo77:
[17:02] q_kathleen: Does your mother know you go on line and ask strangers very personal questions and then curse at them?
[17:05] q_kathleen: Well, I wish I could say that it was nice chatting with you but it wasn't... it was however quite enlightening.
[17:05] q_kathleen: I would appreciate it if you would remove my name from your list and not contact me again. Thank you.
[17:06] *** im_meroo77 has been ignored.
Session Close (im_meroo77): Tue Jul 11 17:06:21 2006


  • At 8:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Well, have I met a man from London named Donald AND I've met a farmer AND I've met a naked man with a computer. I do agree completely with your assessment of this situation. Thanks for making me laugh...I still wish to see more entries regarding KTG.
    Stoli & Boris's old lady.


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