Tuesday, July 26, 2005

What's all this fuss I hear about Endangered Feces?

Last night as I surfed the t.v. I came across a news program in which they were interviewing Penn Jillette of Penn & Teller. I really like him and his work so I paused to listen.

The words at the bottom of the screen were partially blocked by the closed captioning program and I could only read "AMC Bans... The Aristoc....".

My heat debilitated brain fills in the missing blanks. The Aristocats??? AMC is banning The ARISTOCATS? My favorite Disney movie growing up has been banned?

While I'm desperately trying to process this information I'm only partially listening to what Penn is saying. Something about an obscene in-joke and a hundred comedians. And I'm thinking what kind of obscene in-joke could possibly have been in an animated musical feature about three lost little kittens and their mother who are rescued by a really cool alley cat?

Well, then I recalled the controversy regarding The Lion King (1994) and the supposed subliminal sex message. So I suppose it's possible. But damn. My favorite movie. Banned. I'm so upset.

Then things become clear. The closed captioning shifts and I read the words "The Aristocrats." AristocRats. Not AristoCats. I look it up on one of my favorite reference sites The Internet Movie Database (IMDb).

The Aristocrats (2005): "One hundred superstar comedians tell the same very, VERY dirty, filthy joke--one shared privately by comics since Vaudeville"

"No Nudity No Violence Unspeakable Obscenity"

So in the infamous words of SNL favorite Emily Litella:
"Oh. That's very different. Never mind."

Update: If you are interested, here is an explanation of the joke: The Aristocrats - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

And here is a link to a site where multiple variations of The Aristocrats Joke can be found.


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