Tuesday, July 12, 2005

An Open Letter to Tom Cruise

Dear Mr. Cruise,

With regards to your recent public comments, I've been thinking quite a bit about what you've said. I'd like to respond.

Did you know that we have something in common, you and I? Both of us are currently single parents. And yes, you have two children and you probably know a few things about being a dad. But, You, Mr. Cruise,: "you don't know the history" of parenting. I do.

I think it i’s wonderful that you and Nicole have an amicable relationship with regard to your kids. How lovely that your children are privately: "home-schooled" by tutors. How fortunate that you have a: "nanny" to provide care when you are off filming a movie or traipsing around the world with Katie.

But it i’s quite easy to provide these things when you have an annual income in the multi-millions. I do not have those luxuries. Your wristwatch costs more than I earn in a year. I have to stick with hands on parenting.

My daughter is with me 24 hours per day. Every day. Every week. Every month.
How much time per day do you spend with your kids? Every day? Every week? Every month?

When you are away from home, many other people can carefully attend to your children. Many other people can provide quality food, clothing, tutelage. Other people can fulfill the basic needs and desires of your children. But that doesn'’t ensure the emotional health, stability or well-being of your kids. What sacrifices do you personally make for your children? How much energy do you personally devote to the nurturing of your children? Enough? Well then, good for you.

Do your children require minimal direct supervision? Do they exhibit appropriate decision making skills and proper behaviors for their age? Can they successfully communicate their wants and needs? They do? Then, be thankful that your children are normal. You are quite fortunate. Some of us are not so lucky.

Now, I won'’t profess to be able tell you how to be an exceptional actor so please don'’t begin to tell me how to parent a child with multiple exceptionalities. And yes, statements such as "I'm going right after psychiatry" and these false labels and this pseudo-science. I was diagnosed as dyslexic; I had a lot of energy as a child. They wanted to put me on drugs... Never did; my mother said no, absolutely not, no way and I'm thankful"” are indeed telling me how to parent by repeatedly and publicly criticizing the choices I have made for my special needs child.

Don'’t talk that talk until you walk my walk.

When a child has emotional and psychological disabilities that make it impossible for them to function normally in society (regular society, not Hollywood eccentric celebrity society), your recommendation of vitamins and : "exercise and various things..." just won'’t cut it. I know this from experience. The list of the debilitating characteristics my daughter displays would fill several pages. Vitamins and exercise WILL NEVER cure her of those.

You'’ve publicly stated that "People": "go for help, but their lives don't get better because of these drugs. They get worse."” I will state here, for the record: “BULLSHIT!” And I can'’t emphasize that enough.

And yes Mr. Cruise. I have indeed evaluated and read the "research papers." Many papers and reports from reliable sources. But it all comes down to the fact that I'’ve personally witnessed the remarkable improvement in the quality of life for my child simply by giving her prescription drugs.

A loving, compassionate parent will do everything within their power to improve their child'’s condition. Medication was the last resort for us. We tried it all. Well, almost all. We didn'’t try Scientology. Probably because I'’m too damn poor for the Scientologists to help us.

Do you really: "care about" me as you proclaim? Do you really care about my child?"

Mr. Cruise, if you are willing to put your money where your mouth is, I'’ll gladly allow you to sponsor us within the Church of Scientology. And if you want first-hand experience parenting a child with multiple problems, we can be packed and ready to move in by the weekend. I'’ll wholeheartedly give it a shot because that i’s just the kind of devoted parent I am.

Until then, as you have so eloquently said, "Fuck you. Really.: "Fuck you. Period."

I am,
The Queen of the Universe


  • At 8:44 PM, Blogger Moi ;) said…

    Good one!! He is such an asswipe.

    I'm linkin ya...

  • At 8:56 PM, Blogger Queen of the Universe said…

    Thank you. I appreciate the support. Loved your site by the way. I plan to be a frequent visitor.

  • At 9:49 PM, Blogger Manjusha said…

    You go, Girl!

  • At 4:33 PM, Anonymous Kyra said…

    Rah Rah, Queen! I say that and RIGHT ON and, while we're on the subject of the MANY things that Tom Cruise does not know, how about post-partum depression? Hello? Try having a baby first. Oh, you haven't? Oh, your ex-wife hasn't? Then maybe it's time to zip it. And stick to acting. Because as far as this mom is concerned, you've got your hands full right there.

  • At 1:12 AM, Blogger Les Becker said…

    Well put. Really. All that bullshit seemed to come right out of left field, and I'd almost say it was a chemical imbalance (having seen what that can do to a family), except that, of course, thanks to Tom Cruise, we can all be assured that there is NO SUCH THING as a chemical imbalance. And he would know, of course.


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