Thursday, June 08, 2006

Even Elvis would complain

So skipping over the tediously long story, we have a little house. It's a nice little house and we've worked very hard on it, in it and around it. And our hard work really paid off as it already appraises for more than the purchase price.

It has a jewel of a backyard that was truly neglected by the previous owner but is blossoming, literally, with our daily doses of T.L.C. The interior gleams with wood floors and accents. And we've painted most of the rooms in neutral tones. We've coordinated the drapes, bedspreads and even bathmats & towels to complement or accent the colors of the walls. We took our time buying the furniture and accessories and really tried to decorate it tastefully.

Now, by "tastefully", I don't mean worthy of the cover or even a pictoral spread in Architectural Digest or Better Homes and Gardens, but it is certainly not accoutered with curbside (i.e. free and found on the curb) or cheap decor. Our home is furnished simply and comfortably while being both attractive and functional. And it really does look nice.

Even with the framed Elvis photos on the shelves. It still looks nice.


You can too have a tasteful tribute to the King and not be the least bit tacky. Truly you can.

At least our home was really nice, until last week. That was when ~K~ and the Grandmother purchased this:

Yes, it's a fountain. A naked man and woman fountain. With a rotating ball and colored lights.

I'll have to admit that ~K~ has been asking for a fountain for some time now. And not wanting to invest a lot of money into something that will probably soon be broken, what with the cat, the dog and the kid and all, I've tried to put it off.

So, ok, they got it really really really cheap considering I found one on eBay, while looking for the above pic, going for $69.95 plus $14.95 S&H. You read that correctly.

And sure, the sound of the water trickling is really nice. And the spinning ball with the colored lights is kinda cool. But the nude bronze couple, well, they leave me speechless.


All I can say is that at least the bronze color coordinates with the other furnishings in the living room. Even the Elvis frames.

Now it's really too bad the velvet Elvis painting was lost to the flood. We might have made the cover of a magazine after all.


  • At 9:31 PM, Blogger LushlyMe said…

    sure they are naked people with colored lights... but it is subtle... the truly stupid won't get it... enjoy! btw... nola, yoga... did you grow up in Chicago... like I might know you? If so I am sorry to hear about your dad.. actually, I am sorry to hear that anyway... but if I know you I am even sorrier...

  • At 8:29 AM, Blogger Queen of the Universe said…

    Hi, thanks for stopping by... no, I've never been to Chicago although we've been talking about it in the event we have to evacuate again..... won't live there though, I hate snow.

    Thanks too for the sympathy re: my dad. It's much appreciated. His death, excuse me, current episode of body impairment, has left a huge gaping hole in my life. Recovering from this will take, well, actually, I might never get over it. Thank you again.



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