Tuesday, December 14, 2004

I couldn’t help myself

~k~ is not really a girly girl. No barrettes or ribbons. In fact, she hates having her hair brushed. But she occasionally wants to wear curlers to bed.

No ruffles or bows or lace. But she doesn’t mind dressing up when the occasion warrants.

She hates fancy shoes as she prefers sneakers. It’s funny though. Because when she was little all she would wear were dresses as shorts and pants didn’t “feel right”. Now that I buy the right kind of clothes, the ones that feel good, all she wants to wear are shorts and pants. No dresses. Go figure.

She dislikes pink. It’s “too happy”. She prefers black and red. Her “lucky colors”.

She likes tough, biker-type tattoos. And, she does like to have her nails polished, any color. And she had to put on lipstick and mascara every day for preschool (they didn’t allow makeup in elementary school) and still likes makeup for special occasions.

She likes Barbies and other dolls only for the accessories. The dolls themselves usually wind up naked in the tub or under the bed, well loved and chewed by the dog.

Sure, she likes butterflies and lady bugs, but she also loves roaches and spiders and slugs and maggots and other grotesque insects.

She loves freaks and aliens and ghost stories. She loves horror movies (which she is not allowed to watch but has viewed on late night tv without mom knowing at the time). On the other hand, she is afraid of Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny and refuses to watch movies like “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”.

She loves trading cards. She’d probably like RPG if she knew what they were. She seems to speak in another language and I cannot understand a single word.

She likes to sew and do her versions of knitting and crocheting. She likes her teddy bears and other stuffed animals. She will have a favorite and carry it everywhere until the next favorite comes along.

She doesn’t mind getting her clothes dirty but needs to have a napkin with all meals. (I really don’t know why as she still wipes her hands on her shirt.) She used to require utensils to eat her chicken tender kids’ meals but I think she realized the futility of eating fries in the car with a fork. However, she wants a seperate eating implement for each different item of her meal. A corn fork cannot be used to eat chicken.

She’s very polite, says “No, thank you” “Please” and “Excuse me”. She changes the empty toilet paper roll and wipes off her plates before putting them in the sink. She reminds you if you forget to say “Bless you” when she sneezes.

She’s a stickler for the rules. If a sign prohibits some behavior, she’ll go up to strangers if they are breaking the rules and point out the sign and the errors of their ways. On the other hand, when she breaks a rule, her excuse is “I couldn’t help myself”.


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